Active Capital Improvement Projects

16-2 Pump Station No. 8 (Crestview)

After a preliminary engineering and feasibility study completed in December 2016, the District selected to site the new pump station at 16032 42nd Ave S. Demolition of the existing structure was complete in early 2017. Construction is expected to begin in July 2019 and be completed within 12 months.

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16-3 - 16-6 Mansion Hill Reservoir Relocation & Pump Station

In late 2015, Sound Transit selected the SR509/I-5 route for the Federal Way Link Light Rail Extension Project. The proposed alignment passes adjacent to the District 5.0 MG 490 Zone reservoir at Mansion Hill. The close proximity of the light rail will require the reloction of the reservoir.

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18-2 International Blvd. SR 509 Rd Improvements

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) proposes to extend the SR509 freeway from S 188th St to Interstate 5 as part of the Puget Sound Gateway project.  WSDOT anticipates construction to begin in 2024 and completed by 2028.

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18-4 McMicken Well Repair

In 2012, the District completed construction of the McMicken Well and Treatment Plant project.  The initial well production was 500 gpm on a continuous basis; however, over time, production began to decline.   In September 2017, production was 375 gpm.  The District elected to have PumpTech, Inc., the pump supplier, to remove and diagnose any problems with the pump and motor.

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18-5 34th Ave S Water Main Replacement

The City of SeaTac plans to install curb, gutter, sidewalk, new storm drainage and on-street parking in the summer of 2019.

The District maintains approximately 1,850 LF of 6-inch AC water main within 34th Ave S.

This project will replace the existing main with new 12-inch diameter DI pipe and connect an existing 12-inch main on each end of the project limits, thereby eliminating a bottleneck. In addition, by replacing this main, the District would eliminate additional aging AC pipes, prevent the need to disturb the newly constructed road, and avoid the cost of an overlay at the District's expense.

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19-1 2019 AC Water Main Replacement

Project 19-1 will be the first of several future main replacement projects with the goal to replace all aging small diameter AC mains on North Hill. The first project will focus on the relatively higher pressure and steeper grade locations. All AC mains on the steep portion south of S 208th St between Marine View Dr. and Des Moines Memorial Drive will be replaced. In addition, the project will upgrade pipes in the higher pressure areas along 1st Ave S and 2nd Ave S between S 200th St and S 208th St and along 9th Ave S and 10th Ave S, north of S 208th St (See Project Map). At the completion of the project, approximately 1,400 LF of AC, including all 4-inch diameter AC pipes on North Hill will be replaced.

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19-2 2020 Water Main Replacement (Manhattan CI Replacement)

Highline Water District owns and operates several small diameter unlined  cast iron (CI) water mains constructed  in the late 1950's in the general location of 2nd Place SW between SW 171st and SW 176th St (see project map) in the Maple Lane subdivision of Normandy Park.

Due to the complexity of access, the District must first study alternatives to determine the most feasible method to replace the main.
In 2019, the District will begin the planning, design and permitting effort in anticipation for 2020 construction season.

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19-3 KDM/PHS and 9th Pl S Water Main Replacements

In 2018, the District experienced two main ruptures that exceeded the capability of District personnel to repair and required outside consulting and contracting.

The first break occurred on September 7, 2018 at Kent-Des Moines Road and Pacific Highway S. (see project map) The 12" cast iron water main ruptured during construction by a third party working in the area. The close proximity to the foundation of the traffic light on the highway, 10 foot depth of the main and multiple utilities in the area prevented the District crews from making the repair.

 The second break occurred on August 13, 2018 at S 240th St and 9th Place S. An existing service line broke at the water main causing the pipe to rupture.

During the repair, the existing 350LF 4inch AC water main was observed to be in poor condition and caused the District concern over potential future ruptures.

The Board of Commissioners declared an emergency on August 15, 2018 and authorized the General Manager to retain a consultant and contractor.

Because of challenges finding a contractor, the District proposed delaying construction to the spring of 2019.



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