Active Capital Improvement Projects

14-2 560 Zone Lakehaven Utility District South

The District has allocated $50,000 in 2015 for studies and evaluations.

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16-2 Pump Station No. 8 (Crestview)

Preliminary engineering and feasibility study to locate a second pump station into the 560 Pressure Zone.

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16-3 Mansion Hill Reservoir Relocation

In late 2015, Sound Transit selected the SR509/I-5 route for the Federal Way Link Light Rail Extension Project. The proposed alignment passes adjacent to the District 5.0 MG 490 Zone reservoir at Mansion Hill. The close proximity of the light rail will require the reloction of the reservoir.

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16-4 Mansion Hill Transmission Main Relocation

In 2017,the District will begin Project 16-4 Sound Transit Transmission Main Relocationas a separate project from the reservoir relocation.  The project will replace approximately 2,000 LF of existing transmission main in conflict with the proposed light rail alignment.  The District will begin the design for the Project 16-4 in 2017.  The District budgeted $350,000 for 2017, $1.5 million in 2018 and $250,000 in 2019.  

 As of November 2016, the preliminary estimate for the project work at Mansion Hill for all projects is $13.8 million.  ST's reimbursement estimate is $12.2 million.  The difference is District funding for "betterments" not considered the responsibility of ST.

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17-1 2017 Water Main Replacement Project

Project 17-1 2017 AC Water Main Replacement

 The District selected Gray and Osborne to design an AC water main replacement project for the 2017 construction season.  The Board authorized the project in October 2016.

There are six project locations.  They are as follows:


  • §

S 176th St from 42nd Ave S to Military Rd S

  • §

3rd Ave SW/3rd Pl SW at SW 200th St

  • §

S 232nd St & 14th Ave S

  • §

16th Lane from 23453 to S 240th St

  • §

S 268th St from Military Rd S to 40th Ave S

37th Ave S from S 268th St to S 270th St

  • §

S 272nd St at 31st Ave S


This project will replace approximately 9,000 lineal feet of existing AC water mains with new, ductile iron water mains, in addition to new services, hydrants, services and appurtenances.  The project locations were selected due to recent water main breaks, anticipation of city overlay projects and identified pipe segments in the Water System Plan.  The District allocated $2.37 million for the project costs and will be funded by rates and capital reserves.   


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17-3 12th Pl S and 13th Ave S Water Main Replacement

In Februrary 2017, the City of SeaTac identified the neighborhood bounded by S 200th St - S 207th St, and 12th Place S - 13th Ave S for their 2017 Asphalt Overlay Replacement Program.

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18-1 S 223rd St Water Main Replacement

Project 18-1 S 223rd St Water Main Replacement (16th Ave S - 24th Ave S)

The City of Des Moines identified the need to improve the road surface of S 223rd St from Marine View Drive to 24th Ave S.   The road is major east-west route to downtown with heavy use by transit busses, fire vehicles, DM Public Works and Highline School District.  The road is severely damaged by alligator cracking and spalling of asphalt.  Immediate repair is required.

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18-2 International Blvd. SR 509 Rd Improvements

Project 18-2 International Blvd at SR509 Road Improvements

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) proposes to extend the SR509 freeway from S 188th St to Interstate 5 as part of the Puget Sound Gateway project.  WSDOT anticipates construction to begin in 2024 and completed by 2028.



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18-3 Mansion Hill 600 Pressure Zone Improvements

Project 18-3 Mansion Hill 600 Pressure Zone Improvements

The 2016 Comprehensive Water System Plan identified several pressure deficiencies in the general area of the Mansion Hill water tanks.   The 560 Pressure Zone serves the area and several properties are near the minimum allowable pressures during maximum day demand of 30 psi.

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18-4 McMicken Well Repair

Project 18-4 McMicken Well Repair

 In 2012, the District completed construction of the McMicken Well and Treatment Plant project.  The initial well production was 500 gpm on a continuous basis; however, over time, production began to decline.   In September 2017, production was 375 gpm.  The District elected to have PumpTech, Inc., the pump supplier, to remove and diagnose any problems with the pump and motor.

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