Annual Water Quality Report

Each year, Highline Water District prepares an annual drinking water quality report. This report describes where Highline's drinking water comes from and how it compares to stringent standards set by regulatory agencies. This report, also called the Consumer Confidence Report, is mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Washington State Department of Health. This information will help people make informed choices about the water they drink and give utilities an opportunity to communicate with their customers about the water they provide. About 2,300 Washington water systems, serving 4.8 million residents, are required to produce these reports.

To download the report using Adobe Acrobat Reader, click on the link below. To receive a hard copy of this report, contact Highline Water District at 206-824-0375


Read the full 2019 Consumer Confidence Report

 The 2020_CCR  report will be availailable June 30, 2021.

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