The earth's surface is covered 75% with water.

Of all that water, 97% of it is salt water. We cannot drink salt water. It is difficult and expensive to remove salt from the water for drinking purposes, but some countries do have plants that do this. They are called "desalinization" plants. Two percent (2%) of the water on earth is frozen in glaciers at the North and South Poles. This frozen water is fresh water and could be melted down and used. However, is too far away from where people live for this to be practical.

EarthdropSo, when you think about why water is so precious, it is because less than 1% of all the water on Earth is fresh water we can actually use. We use this water not only to nourish our bodies, but for transportation, heating and cooling, industry, and many other purposes.

All living things, including humans, animals, plants, and trees need water to live. Next to the air we breathe, water is our most important necessity. Without water, the earth would be very desolate -- something like the Moon.

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